Asbestos Consultancy

It is not uncommon for a client to appreciate the need for an Asbestos Survey but then not fully understand which Asbestos Survey type they need, their legal requirements as a Duty Holder or what they are legally expected to do with that Survey Report once they have it?!

Our experienced management team will never charge for verbal advice meaning you will always have a friend at the end of the phone at any time; without cost.

Asbestos Consultancy Wolverhampton

If you would like any further information or assistance with asbestos consultancy service in  Wolverhampton, please call us on 0333 404 4488 or contact us here.

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How We Can Help?

Here at Scopus, we aim to showcase the difference between working with an inspection and/or testing organisation to partnering an experienced consultant.

We offer Asbestos Consultancy Service in Wolverhampton, Air Testing in Wolverhampton, Four Stage Clearance in Wolverhampton, Asbestos Removal Management in Wolverhampton, Asbestos Testing in Wolverhampton.

Our Consultancy Services cover the following areas:

  • Removal Specifications and Tendering of Remedial Works
  • Site Specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements (Survey or Analytical Projects)
  • Contract Overview Documents
  • Expert Witness/Incident Investigation Reports and Emergency Call Outs
  • Asbestos Management Plans, Policies and Emergency Procedures
  • Compliance Reviews/System Audits


    • Fixed costs/project savings with a like for like service via Specification & Tender
    • Trusted Safe Work Methods with minimal risk
    • Controlled Projects and Schemes with formal Contract Overview Documents
    • Rely on a Consultant/Expert rather than a Surveyor or Analyst
    • Help us to Design you a Safe System of Work
    • Review your Asbestos Management System

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