Asbestos Surveys

To help fulfil your duty to manage your Asbestos (Reg 4 of CAR 2012), you must first locate it by way of assessment, sampling or surveys then compile an Asbestos Register using the knowledge/information gathered. Typically; most Duty Holders/Clients with non-domestic premises will arrange for an Asbestos Management Survey to be undertaken as a starting point, this type of survey is designed to be thorough but non-intrusive and is deemed suitable for normal operations and foreseeable maintenance.

As part of Reg 4 of CAR 2012 Duty Holders/Clients are also expected to monitor the condition of ACMs within their building(s), regular re-inspection surveys are required, the frequency of which can be determined by risk assessment, however annually is fairly standard practice.

Before any work is carried out on the fabric of a building; work that has the potential to disturb Asbestos containing materials (ACMs); you need to conduct a more invasive survey, known as an Asbestos refurbishment and/or demolition survey to ensure you have a suitable and sufficient assessment for your proposed task/project (Reg 5 of CAR 2012).

Asbestos Surveys Barnsley

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Our experienced team customises the scope of every survey to ensure you get a site-specific and purposeful management tool. An initial management survey identifies the location, type, condition and extent of any ACMs present, in accordance with HSG264 Asbestos; The Survey Guide.

The subsequent survey report/Asbestos Register is essential to the ongoing safety of the people using and working on/within your premises; it should be used day to day. This is why we are happy to offer our Client Portal as a means to access your Asbestos Records worldwide from any WIFI point.

Of course, we recognise that Asbestos is an emotive topic, and our teams understand the need to work discreetly and act in a professional and reassuring manner at all times.

We offer Asbestos management survey in Barnsley, Asbestos re-inspection survey in Barnsley, Asbestos refurbishment survey in Barnsley and Asbestos demolition survey in Barnsley.

All of our surveyors hold the BOHS P402 certificate or RSPH Level 3 in Asbestos Surveying.


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