To help fulfil your duty to manage your Asbestos (Reg 4 of CAR 2012), you must first locate it by way of assessment, sampling or surveys then compile an Asbestos Register using the knowledge/information gathered. Typically; most Duty Holders/Clients with non-domestic premises will arrange for an Asbestos Management Survey to be undertaken as a starting point, this type of survey is designed to be thorough but non-intrusive and is deemed suitable for normal operations and foreseeable maintenance.

Also as part of Reg 4 of CAR 2012 Duty Holders/Clients are also expected to monitor the condition of ACMs withintheir building(s) in line with their strategy for compliance (detailed within an Asbestos Management Plan). Regular re-inspection surveys are required, the frequency of which can be determined by risk assessment, however annually is fairly standard practice.

An Asbestos Management Plan that is fit for purpose is a MUST.It should look to provide details of how the ACMs within buildings, identified or presumed, are to be managed after an Asbestos Survey has been conducted. The AMP should include:

  • Strategy for Compliance
  • Details of Asbestos Register(s)
  • Personnel and Their Responsibilities
  • Re-inspection and Monitoring Arrangements
  • Training Arrangements
  • Implementation of Asbestos Procedures
  • Communication Arrangements
  • Monitoring and Reviewing the Asbestos Management Plan
  • Emergency Procedures

An Asbestos Policy should partner your AMP. The Policy will be a brief but clearly documented stance that is maintained by good use of the AMPensuring you continue to work strategically towards objectives and/or compliance. In short, the AMP will provide a description of how a policy is to be carried out and define courses of action to meet planned objectives.