When accidents happen and/or exposure incidents occur or expert evidence is called upon its best to have a partner you can rely on. Our highly trained consultants are sharp to respond to emergency incidents; also trainedand competent in their understanding of the strict guidelines of the Expert Witness role within the UK court system.

Investigations and expert witness events will be dealt with individually using control, skill and discretion. We will execute a safe, smooth and speedy service to ensure that legislation is left satisfied and that where required RIDDOR incidents are reported.

Our advice is completely impartial and we place great importance on the integrity service we provide.

Scopus expert witness services include:

  • Advising organisations of their duties under the current asbestos legislation
  • Advice on asbestos-related legislation including personal injury claims, contamination of buildings/land and breaches of regulations
  • Undertaking site inspections
  • Reviewing witness statements
  • Assessments of negligence
  • Breaches of legislation
  • Writing up expert witness reports
  • Asbestos litigation matters

Our incident investigation and emergency call out services include:

  • Emergency response service
  • Site attendance
  • Segregation advice/incident control
  • Remedial support from Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors
  • Reactive bulk and air sampling (even surveying)
  • Exposure interviews/RIDDOR assistance
  • Formal investigation report/recommendations
  • Incident review training