Reg 4 of CAR2012 also requires dutyholders to ensure that “the risk of anyone being exposed to these materials is assessed”. This type of risk assessment is often referred to as a priority risk assessment.

An Asbestos Survey Report will identify the material risk. The material risk provides information on how readily the material will release airborne asbestos fibres should it be disturbed. The material risk score can range from very low to high. However, it does not automatically follow that those materials assigned the highest score in the material assessment will be the materials that should be given priority for remedial action.

Management priority must be determined by carrying out a risk assessment, which will also take into account additional factors such as:

  • Maintenance activity
  • Occupant activity
  • Likelihood of disturbance
  • Human exposure potential

The priority risk assessment can only be carried out with detailed knowledge of all the listed factors and so although a surveyor can undertake this assessment, the duty holder is vital to ensure accuracy.