An effective Asbestos Removal Plan is essential for ensuring the safety of your premises. If your Asbestos Removal Contractor does not achieve the highest possible standards of cleanliness, you may be left with encapsulated or isolated residual asbestos. This can cause a threat to safety, increased costs and a failure to meet regulatory requirements. We will manage your asbestos removal project, ensuring that your contractor provides effective, high-quality service.

A Scopus Project Managing Consultant will audit the Removal Contractors training, equipment, records and working methods then ensure that the Removal Contractor complies with specifications, uses the methods specified in the contract and does everything possible to meets all deadlines.

Scopus technical staff have a proven track record of project managing asbestos removal and remedial work, ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with all current legislation and approved codes of practice.

Our management of the works encompasses the following duties;

  • Production of a Specification for the works
  • Obtaining quotations from removal contractors including escorting during site visits
  • Review of the chosen contractor’s Risk Assessments & Method Statement
  • Chairing of any project meetings (these will be minuted)
  • Checks of the contractor’s documentation required on site (medical certificates, insurance, equipment test certificates and maintenance records, risk assessments, face-fit test certificates for RPE, etc.)
  • Liaison with the contractor to ensure the work area is prepared satisfactorily
  • Inspection of the work area/enclosure to verify integrity prior to the start of remedial work; witnessing of smoke test.
  • Background air tests to establish baseline ambient levels prior to starting work
  • Inspections and checks during work to ensure that correct removal procedures are being followed
  • Air monitoring during works (leak tests) and also personal tests inside the enclosure(s) to ensure that fibre levels do not exceed the capability of the RPE and that control measures are sufficient to suppress airborne fibre levels
  • Final visual inspections/4-stage clearance to ensure remedial works completed to a satisfactory standard
  • Liaison between our site Analyst and Client representatives as required during the contract
  • Verification of satisfactory completion and submission of a consolidated final report document of site paperwork

All air monitoring/analyst’s duties will be carried out as per HSG248: The Analyst’s Guide as per our accreditation to ISO17025

A remedial project that is managed in this way means that the Client is assured that every stage of the process is being managed and audited in keeping with industry best practice.